Teaching has the ability to carve out future careers and to support shaping ideas about society, life and personal goals. It can also help expand students’ limits by stimulating their creativity. Teaching implies a huge responsibility because of it’s decisive impact in people’s life.

LCHM1311 – Environmental chemistry

Dealing with the environmental aspects with a major focus on air pollution and how chemistry can help understand processes and provide alternative solution.

LCHM1319 – Introduction to Chemistry of Materials

Lecturing the basic principles of materials chemistry with main emphasis on the properties of materials in relation to their composition and structure.

LCHM1391 – Bibliography Projet

An unconventional course on how to do bibliography search, data analysis and finally write and present a short resume.

LCHM2260 – Electrochemical Energy storage

All you need to know about batteries – from fundamental chemistry and materials design, to advanced power devices.

WMD1105 – Chimie générale et minérale

General chemistry course for 1st year Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences students devoted to the acquisition of the fundamental concepts of this chemical sciences in order to integrate them into the understanding of chemical phenomena occurring also in living organisms.